note 8:36 am jun 3 2020

Discussion: Mark Little / @marklittlenews: An “honourable try”. Hell yeah! @jarroddicker: Many will dunk on it but I'm sad to see @Civil go. The team was top notch & the intentions were right. Some ideas to carry the torch on: 1) immutability/archives 2) licensing & rights management 3) interoperable identity 4) new money, new value Corey Hutchins / @coreyhutchins: “R.I.P. Civil — Lessons from a failed startup: The high-profile, blockchain-backed attempt to nurture nascent digital news sites is shutting down.” The company seeded The Colorado Sun w/ a grant. The Sun has been standing on its own for a while Denver Press Club / @denverpressclub: For @ColoradoSun, Civil's collapse together with the current recession have required a complete redo of the organization's strategic plans. “But we're going to make it,” editor Larry Ryckman told @Poynter @rafat: Who could have predicted this? Civil is shutting down. via @Poynter Ross Maghielse / @maghielse: Hard not to feel like we'd all be better off if all VC and investment money that's continually gone to clearly doomed-from-the-start media startups had gone toward helping improve existing news organizations and/or startups with realistic ambitions. Mathew Ingram / @mathewi: I know it was problematic for a bunch of reasons, but I still believe that Civil was a well-intentioned effort to help find a future for independent journalism, and I'm sorry to see it go via @Poynter Kristen Hare / @kristenhare: Good read from @RickEdmonds on what happened to Civil: “For all its complexity, Civil's fall was straightforward.” more at Techmeme »

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