More Ideas About Managing a Local News Startup

created Nov 5, 2017

In my opinion, I think that local media orgs need to create a simple set of products. Users may get confused and irritated with too many products.

Initially, I would start the org as digital-only, online. But I would leave open the option of producing some kind of print publication in the future, which could be a weekly or monthly product, possibly zine or book-like.

The number of subjects covered might start small and expand, as needed, in the future. Maybe start with politics, business, and arts and entertainment. In future, add coverage for health, home, outdoors, etc. Or the topics are lumped into only three or four areas. The outdoors could be included in arts and entertainment but under a different topic name.

Food is a popular topic. I would leave that under business. Some cross-over could occur. A for-profit business that sells outdoor gear and is sponsoring an event could be considered business and activities and maybe personal.

My initial local media org product offerings would include:

As to a social media presence, Twitter and Facebook would act similar to the email newsletter by acting as a notification platform with only a link to the story on the subscription-only website and maybe a snippet of story content.

If non-subscribers wish to engage in discussions on Facebook and Twitter, then either those discussions are ignored, or those social media presences are deactivated.

If the public wishes to engage with the journalists or the media org, then the public needs to subscribe and participate in the private message board.

Instagram could be used to post a taste of the photos that would exist for subscribers on the website.

Use the old shareware software model. Freely distribute small amounts of content on social media, but require users to pay a subscription fee to access all of the content.

Start simple and add products slowly over time AS NEEDED.

October 2018

local media startup categories to cover. spitballing. oct 15, 2018

each would be a separate startup media org, covering the local area.

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